Happiness today

Today I like to explore the happiness factor a bit more. The core question is, how can we increase happiness? To answer it, we need to dive into work life and private life.


Happiness at work

You go to work at 5 of 7 days a week. Well, let’s say technically. You may work at weekends on top or you work part time. Anyway, the point is we spent quite a bit of time in the office. The key question is, does that make us happy or not?

I assume different sociologists and researchers would give us a wide range of studies to consult and conclusions would range from yes all the way to no.

All this research about some office people is not acutally what matters. The true question is, are YOU happy?

Reenactors Journal wrote an article that not only analyses fashion and work but also concludes that the warm cup of coffee makes you happy at work. I think this is very well true but it is not a substitute for what you have to ask yourself. Are you truly happy there?

Free time happiness

How is it about the free time. Two main questions arise here:

  • Can free time happiness compensate for a low level of work satisfaction?
  • How to maximize the happiness?

Let’s start with the fist question. Of yours you can somehow compensate the missing happiness from work. There are people who actually spend lots of many doing that. Imagine massive shopping sprees. Online shopping is booming and especially the fasion industry seems to sky rock. Nothing better than buying some new clothes or accessories to compensate a frustrating work day.

Now, lets be honest. Is this a long term solution? No, no and no agian. It is not at all. We have to make sure that we are balanced and than includes a good work and free time happiness.

The second question doesn’t seem to be easier to answer. How do we actually maximise our happniess. I assume it is not by doubling the online shopping spending.

Luckily we do not need to be scientists to answer the question. Huffington Post provides an insightful article on that topic. It seems like pritty obviouse but apparently often neglected things can do it for us. For example, enough sleep, regular exercise like jogging or yoga.

And in the end it seems to be an individual quest. The article provides some tips but people are very different form each other. So finding out what works best for yourself seems to be the solution.


I care what you think. Please levae a comment.





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