Free Will and Present’s for Happiness

Yesterday evening – it was not exactly great weather – I spent some time sitting in my chair and thinking. My thoughts went around about happiness. During the day I saw some playing and seemingly happy children.

So, I was wondering what makes people happy. I came up with two ideas:

  • Free will: If children want to play around and they can actually do that, that makes them very happy.
  • Presents: See the sparkle in children’s eyes when receiving a nice present. I guess you know what I mean.

I was then wondering whether those two elements are only applying to children.

Well, I don’t think so.

I imagined what makes myself happy. Is it really free will?

Surely it is. When I don’t have to go to work and can decide what to do, then I’m happy. I’m in charge of my life.

What about presents?

I don’t want to sound too materialistic but honestly, presents make me happy. Someone was thinking of me and went through the hassle of getting me something. Pure happiness.

So for now that’s all. I’ll share some more thoughts with you guys later.


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